Epilepsy and paroxysmal conditions

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Objective. To study the clinico-psychological personality features of patients with early-stage epilepsy.

 Materials and methods. 482 adult epileptic patients (52.3%-males; 47.7% – femails; aged up to 36 year) with different clinical manifestation of the disease were studied. Among the patients, 123 patients had early-stage epilepsy, its duration being up to 3 years; 120 patients, had seizure remission. To assess the cognitive, emotional and behavioural spheres, a psychological diagnostic assessment was carried out using 12 experimental psychological methods.

 Conclusion. A clinico-psychological epileptic patients with different clinical manifestations of the disease was carried out to diagnose latent or active symptoms of non-psychotic mental disorders and personality changes (disorders). The use of psychological methods has allowed revealing the heterogeneity of personality structure in patients with epilepsy. The progression and severity of mental disorders determine the role of the neurologist and the psychiatrist in the treatment-and-rehabilitation work with epileptic patients on the basis of the F06.822 and F07.02. A hypothesis on the mechanism of the development of mental disorders in patients with epilepsy is offered. 

About the Authors

S. A. Gromov
St. Petersburg V.M. Bekhterev Psychoneurological Research Institute
Russian Federation

Gromov Sergei Aleksandrovich – MD, Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation, professor, chief researcher at the Department of treatment of patients with organic mental disorders and epilepsy. 

Address: Bekhterev str., 3, St. Petersburg, Russia, 192019.

O. N. Yakunina
St. Petersburg V.M. Bekhterev Psychoneurological Research Institute
Russian Federation

Yakunina Ol'ga Nikolaevna – PhD., senior researcher at the Department of organic treatment of patients with mental illnesscal and epilepsy. 

Address: Bekhterev str., 3, St. Petersburg, Russia, 192019.


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