Epilepsy and paroxysmal conditions

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Treatment of epilepsy, a disease which is high incident and very diverse in terms of clinical forms, in children, is one of the key issues in the pediatric epileptology. New antiepileptic drugs have been developed recently, and special pediatric pharmaceutical forms are being developed, among them - Topiramate capsules. The publication discusses evaluation of two patient groups. Children from group one received topiramate tablets (Topamax®) followed by a switch to the study drug in capsules. Children from group two received topiramate capsules alone or in combination with other treatments from the baseline. The analysis demonstrated bioequivalence of Topamax® tablets and capsules, its high efficacy and good tolerability, as well as convenience of administration in children.

About the Author

N. V. Freidkova
Morozov children clinical hospital, Moscow
Russian Federation


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Freidkova N.V. EXPERIENCE OF TOPIRAMATE CAPSULES TREATMENT OF CHILDREN. Epilepsy and paroxysmal conditions. 2010;2(2):39-41. (In Russ.)

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