Epilepsy and paroxysmal conditions

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Effectiveness, safety and assessing the results of drug therapy in patients with epilepsy

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On June 26, 2021, a meeting of the experts of the Russian League Against Epilepsy (RLAE) was held, dedicated to the effectiveness, safety and assessing the results of drug therapy in patients with epilepsy. Having considered the history of the issue and guided by domestic and foreign experience, the participants discussed the problems associated with the use of various antiepileptic drugs for different forms of epilepsy in patients of different sex and age. Special attention was paid to psychiatric comorbidity in patients with epilepsy, increasing their compliance with treatment and quality of life. The article presents the Resolution of RLAE experts meeting adopted as a result of the discussion.

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Effectiveness, safety and assessing the results of drug therapy in patients with epilepsy. Epilepsy and paroxysmal conditions. 2021;13(3):306-310. (In Russ.)

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