Epilepsy and paroxysmal conditions

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Journal History

"Epilepsy and paroxysmal conditions" Journal is edited since 2008, with the support of the Problem Commission "Epilepsy. Paroxysmal Statuses" at RAMS, Healthcare Ministry of Russia and of the Anti-Epileptic League of Russia, as well as is included in the "List of leading peer-reviewed scientific magazines and editions of HAC”, present in the Russian Universal Scientific Electronic Library (RUSEL) and is included in the data base of the Russian Scientific Citing Index (RSCI), реer-reviewed by the All-Russian Institute of the Scientific and Technical Information at the Russian Academy of Sciences (RISTI RAS) and is filed with the reference system for periodic and continued editions “Ulrich’s Periodicals Directory”. The five years RSCI impact -factor in 2015 was 0,517. With that the magazine comprises not only scientific articles, literature reviews on epileptology, but also Russian and foreign news, the information on conferences, symposiums, monograph releases and other events in the field of epileptology and therapy of paroxysmal conditions in Russia and abroad. Scientific articles – results of own studies, as well as literature surveys – are published after mandatory previous peer-reviewing. 

Nowadays the chief editor of the magazine is the merited scientist of the RF, professor Аvakyan Gagik Norayrovich, the editing board also comprises foreign experts from such countries as Russia, Switzerland, Denmark. Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Tadjikistan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan.