Epilepsy and paroxysmal conditions

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Results of own investigations and literature review on clinical symptomatology of temporal epilepsy seizures are represented in the article. Analysis of 63 seizures in 32 patients showed that often during temporal epilepsy initial implications of seizures like aura, oral alimentary and hand automatisms, discontinuation of activities are present. High prognostic value for determination of epileptiform site lateralization in temporal epilepsy has combination of following clinical symptoms: automatism of hand at side of epileptogenic site and dystonic hand placement at the opposite side. Although, none of the clinical symptom alone can reflect epileptogenic site localization with absolute accuracy.

About the Authors

М. Odinak M.
Military-medicine academy Name of Kirov (St.-Petersburg)
Russian Federation

Д. Svistov D.V.
Military-medicine academy Name of Kirov (St.-Petersburg)
Russian Federation

М. Prokudin M.Yu.
Military-medicine academy Name of Kirov (St.-Petersburg)
Russian Federation

Б. Martynov B.V.
Military-medicine academy Name of Kirov (St.-Petersburg)
Russian Federation

Я. Skiba Ya.B.
Military-medicine academy Name of Kirov (St.-Petersburg)
Russian Federation

С. Bazilevich S.N.
Military-medicine academy Name of Kirov (St.-Petersburg)
Russian Federation

M. A. Elkhassan
Military-medicine academy Name of Kirov (St.-Petersburg)
Russian Federation


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Odinak M. ., Svistov D.V. ., Prokudin M.Yu. ., Martynov B.V. ., Skiba Ya.B. ., Bazilevich S.N. ., Elkhassan M.A. CLINICAL SYMPTOMATOLOGY OF SEIZURES IN TEMPORAL EPILEPSY. Epilepsy and paroxysmal conditions. 2012;4(2):34-39. (In Russ.)

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