Epilepsy and paroxysmal conditions

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Gaydukov I.O., Litvinova S.A., Voronina T.A., Nerobkova L.N., Zhmurenko L.A., Mokrov G.V., Avakyan G.G., Kutepova I.S. 4-BENZOYLPYRIDINE OXIME DERIVATIVE (GIZH-298) VERSUS VALPROIC ACID: THE ANTICONVULSANT POTENTIAL EFFECT IN A MODEL OF EPILEPSY IN RATS WITH COBALT-INDUCED LESIONS. Epilepsy and paroxysmal conditions. 2017;9(2):57-66. (In Russ.)

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ISSN 2077-8333 (Print)
ISSN 2311-4088 (Online)