Epilepsy and paroxysmal conditions

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Abstract: the data about seizures as the clinical manifestation of acute stroke in childhood is generalized. Authors propose the following diagnostic criteria to determine seizures as the symptom of stroke vs epilepsy debut: stable neurological signs (more than 24 hours) during the postictal period; neuroimaging data, confirming the focus of stroke; congenital heart malformations or diseases; procoagulant or hemorrhagic predisposition confirmed due to laboratory data in children or in family history; hyperhomocysteinemia; thrombophilic genes polymorphisms (more than 3) in children or in family. Clinical case of 6 y.o. boy demonstrates the time lag before seizures debut and stroke verification as the reason for those seizures.

About the Authors

L. V. Shalkevich
Belarusian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, Minsk
Russian Federation

O. A. Lvova
Ural State Medical University, Ekaterinburg
Russian Federation

A. N. Dron
Tyumen State Medical Academy, Tyumen
Russian Federation


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For citations:

Shalkevich L.V., Lvova O.A., Dron A.N. SEIZURES AS THE DEBUT SYMPTOMS OF ACUTE PAEDIATRIC STROKE. Epilepsy and paroxysmal conditions. 2014;6(3):30-37. (In Russ.)

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