Epilepsy and paroxysmal conditions

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Clinical evolution of perinatal pathology. Dialogues with the Teacher

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Here are reported the data of investigating clinical evolution of perinatal brain pathology performed under the auspices of Professor V.A. Karlov. Analysis of the data obtained revealed an importance for detecting ante- and intranatal predictors for most relevant neurological disorders in childhood: neonatal seizures, some epilepsy forms, headache and attention deficit / hyperactivity disorders. The speaker argues for the necessity to conduct topical diagnostics of the nervous system disturbances in neonates and justifies a relationship between early and delayed neurological disorders in diverse pediatric periods.

About the Author

E. A. Morozova
Kazan State Medical Academy – branch of Russian Medical Academy of Continuing Professional Education
Russian Federation

Elena А. Morozova – Honored Doctor of the Republic of Tatarstan, Dr. Med. Sc., Professor, Chief of Chair of Pediatric Neurology, Kazan State Medical Academy – branch of Russian Medical Academy of Continuing Professional Education, Chief Pediatric Neurologist of Volga Federal District

11 Mushtari Str., Kazan 420012


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Morozova E.A. Clinical evolution of perinatal pathology. Dialogues with the Teacher. Epilepsy and paroxysmal conditions. 2021;13(1S):52-60. (In Russ.)

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