Epilepsy and paroxysmal conditions

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Vol 7, No 3 (2015)


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The aim of this work was to elucidate the structural-metabolic and neuropathophysiological features of epilepsy and migraine, as these diseases share common pathogenetic mechanisms.

Materials and methods. Seventy patients with migraine and fifty-six with epilepsy conducted a study using diffusion tensor MRI. Proton spectroscopy performed on 28 patients with epilepsy and 22 with migraine.

Results. Data were obtained, indicating changes in fractional anisotropy and average diffusion coefficient and concentration of the main neurometabolites for epilepsy and migraine that characterize the commonality of the pathogenesis of these diseases.

Conclusion. The research results allowed to establish the leading role of the hippocampus in the realization paroxysmal states and their pathophysiological basis of the comorbidity.

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Purpose – to study mental and emotional status of parents raising children with epilepsy.

Materials and methods. The level of mental and emotional state in 23 parents in families where children with epilepsy are raising was studied. Control group consisted 29 parents raising healthy children. The following questionnaires were used in our study:Torontoalexithimia scale (TAS) and the assessment of the quality of life by SF-36 questionnaire.

Results. Parents of children with epilepsy have showed a higher score on a scale of alexithimia and a higher chance of having an increased or high score on this test compared with parents of healthy children. Parents of children with epilepsy also have lower rates of almost all scales of SF-36, and a statistically significant lower score on the total mental health component.

Conclusion. The parents of children with epilepsy mental and emotional state is exposed to disorders and this fact need to be considered when developing treatment tactics of pediatric patients with epilepsy.

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The aim of this study was to analyze the structure of the state segment of the pharmaceutical market ofKrasnoyarskregion in terms of pharmacy sales of drugs for patients with epilepsy in the Program providing the necessary drugs at the expense of the federal budget for 2014.

Methods. We used the database of medications dispensed at the expense of the federal budget in patients with ICD code G40 in 2011, 2014.

Results. We revealed that in structure of the sold drugs, both in value and in kind antiepileptic drugs are more than 95%.

Conclusion. The organization of preferential drug supply of patients with epilepsy in theKrasnoyarskregion matches to the federal regulations.


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Paroxysmal dyskinesia comprise a significant and fascinating part of movement disorders, which represent a diagnostic challenge for neurologists working on the borderlands of psychiatry and epilepsy. The current classification based on the relation of attacks to a movement is supported by the response to treatment and genetic difference. We reviewed clinical characteristics and the main advances in genetics of these unique, usually hereditary diseases. Clinical diagnosis remains the key to the treatment choice. Psychogenic causes are common in sporadic cases, but paroxysmal dyskinesia secondary to systemic or primary neurological disorders should not be missed and warrant careful investigation.

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